Olive oil Leone

Olive oil Leone

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The old San Tomà olive groves take their name after the small church dedicated to Saint Thomas located close to the olive grow. The red soil slopes are southward oriented, towards the sea which is only 3 km away. From that point the sights goes to Brioni islands and small villages along the coastline while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets. It is here where Olive Oil Leone is produced crushing the olives only once and obtaining the extra virgin olive oil from local Istrian varieties as small and dark Carbonazza, the giant Buza and the strong-flavoured Bianchera.

Our olive oil is a perfect combination of great aromas and ideal harmony of tastes that can be easily paired with grilled bread and fresh Adriatic seafood.

Olive Oil Leone comes from a small and niche olive grower, our production is still totally hand-made using modern techniques offering our clients high quality olive oil at a reasonable price.